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Another day in prison

This morning, I was helping a woman with her work at the prison ministry that I volunteer with. After a couple of minutes of studying the page in front of her, she looked up at me and asked,

“How do you keep such a good attitude when the world is the way it is?”

I wasn’t expecting things to get so real so quickly, and I realized that her question hit the very core of everything that I seem to struggle with in my own walk with God. Speechless, I smiled and explained something that God has been trying to teach me about his peace.

I talked about how God’s word doesn’t say that he will help us understand why bad things happen to people; to us. I explained that it doesn’t even say that it will make us feel better about this stuff that happens, or that everything wrong will turn right. It says that if we approach God in thanksgiving, through prayer and supplication, he will give us a peace. If we trust in him. This peace won’t make sense. It’s nothing that we do. He gives it to us.

As I talked to her about my own process of grappling with God’s promise, I realized that I was talking to the both of us. I’m not the only person that is so bothered by things that are happening, that I don’t feel like doing this all sometimes. We are all just trying to figure things out. God, life, who we are.

And in the process, we might as well love each other and walk beside one another. What is the point in talking to people everyday if you actually are not saying a thing?

All that I know is that God speaks everyday, in so many ways. We just have to listen and try. And love.


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